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Photos of Adventure Quest 2023

This exclusive Adventure Quest is a full week of living the life Matthieu Bonne Style. 
Since unexpected events are a fundamental part of Matthieu's life and challenges, we can not share a detailed day-to-day program, it would not be half the fun. But we can guarantee you that we will do - amongst a lot of other things:

  • Sunrise and sunset bike rides.

  • Vulcanic trail runs and hikes.

  • Open water swimming on the coastlines and parallel to
    the lovely beaches of Lanzarote.

  • Workshops about (sports) nutrition, meditation, fasting,
    race preparation, mindset, being in a champion minded framework,
    how to navigate during day and night and lots more...

  • An apex where you need to utilize everything you learned
    from the past week.


Get ready to stop the time by entering the plane to Lanzarote and surrender yourself to earth, wind and water.


Before registering for Adventure Quest be sure that you are:

  • Willing to adapt the framework of mindset to reach new highs in your private and/or work life.

  • Willing to try to get the new steps to a (even) better fitness level in endurance sports.

  • Willing to have an unforgettable experience while enjoying every minute of it.

  • Willing to team up with others and intrinsically drawn to co-creating foundations for future lifegoals. 

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