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Matthieu Bonne on Adventure Quest 2023


I'm originally from Ostend, born on February 17th 1994. These days, I call Bredene home and split my time between being a lifeguard at LAGO Brugge Olympia and pursuing my passion for sports.

Adventure pulses through my veins. Traveling and extreme sports are my passions, providing an outlet for my endless energy. Even as a child, I cherished solitude and thrived in activity, perhaps foreshadowing my future in ultra-sports. The rush of adrenaline makes me feel alive, igniting a fierce drive within me. In those moments, I feel on top of the world, as if I can conquer anything. It's where I discover genuine joy.

My true sanctuary lies in Lanzarote. There, surrounded by nature's embrace, I feel truly at home. It's this deep connection that led me to create Adventure Quest there, where I can share the island's ancient and primordial beauty with others.

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