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Adventure Quest 2023
Running during Adventure Quest 2023

Matthieu Bonne is an ultra sportsman and world record holder in cycling, swimming and triathlon. He embraces extreme challenges as a way of life, doing things that no one has ever done before.

To achieve his goals, Matthieu seeks harmony in body and mind, blending with nature and experiencing all its elements. During the Adventure Quest week. Matthieu let's you discover his unique way of living and will try to sketch his mindset framework for participants to learn from.


This adventure week is your chance to focus on the things you enjoy most, with everything taken care of. 

You will be swimming, cycling, running, following workshops, eating, resting and (of course) relaxing and recuperating in a private villa like a full-time athlete during this week.


This week is for ALL LEVELS. We will change our program accordingly to the level of the individual and/or group. 


To participate this week, the only two conditions are that you're willing to learn from Matthieu and have a relatively decent fitness level. (To give some perspective: the average half triathlon participant will be able to do this - due to enough rest and other experiences during the week). 


Join Matthieu during a seven-day adventure on the beautiful Canary Islands, where Matthieu completed his record breaking 8ISLANDS challenge. You’ll swim, bike, run and challenge yourself through many more exciting activities.

So, be prepared to learn from Matthieu and get a taste of how he is able to put himself through so much via workshops, grounding (earthing) and meditation. 
Be prepared to go on a quest for your own
goals and physical challenges via sports activities.
Join Matthieu and a group of 17
 men and women who will go on this quest together with you.


And at last, have fun and have an unforgettable experience!

16-23 november 2024
Lanzarote – Canary Islands – Spain 
17 participants – limited spots available
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